Did A&E Kill the Goose That Lays The Golden Egg?

Duck Dynasty stars 660 AP

Writing is a mental exercise that requires clarity of thought and focus.  It requires you to commit to an idea, to explore it, and to see where you end up.  You sit down in front of a computer screen and a blank page with unlimited possibilities of where you might go.  White is caressed with black as characters start to form a tapestry of substance.  You have a chance to get caught up in a moment and allow those thoughts that have been chasing themselves in your head to become ordered.  It is a platform to free the imagination.  This is why I write.

Not long after publishing my last post I became aware of the ‘indefinite suspension’ of Duck Dynasty’s Phil ‘Robertson after his ‘Anti-Gay’ remarks.  Considering the First Amendment slant of my last post, It seems as if the stars have aligned to provide further food for thought in the same vein, and I wanted to put some more of my own thoughts into writing.

Tolerance is so often the requirement demanded by those in the homosexual community. Tolerance of their actions, tolerance of their choices, and tolerance of their quest to squelch any opposition to what is viewed by many as an abomination to nature.  They are a vocal minority that seeks to normalize their behavior, which is anything but conducive to the propagation of the human race.

So often, the homosexual crusade is likened to the emancipation of the slaves in the South and then Civil Rights movement; but I have never been able to see the parallel between the two. The liberation of a race and the desire for the normalization of a behavior and lifestyle are anything but synonymous, especially when viewed in a religious context.  There is a maxim that many may be familiar with, “In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”  After their dismissal from the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were commanded to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.  By design, the propagation of the human race can only happen one way – between a man and a woman.  To deviate from this path is to spit in the eye of the Creator of Heaven and Earth and the reason that has garnered the name of ‘sin.’

While tolerance is preached from the rooftops by the LGBT community, it is very often at the expense of the rights of religious expression of others.  Instances of the refusal of the offering of services by a photographer in New Mexico, a cake baker in Colorado, and a Washington Florist have all been deemed as discriminatory by judges in each of these states as each of these vendors refused the offering of their services on religious grounds.  The baker has been ordered by the judge to make the cake anyway.  The question quickly becomes, if a judge can overturn the decision of a private company to make a cake, provide floral arrangements, or take pictures of a gay wedding, what is to stop the same judge from ordering a church to perform gay weddings?  The very precept of the free exercise of religion takes a back seat to the right of freedom of association.

Oh wait, there’s that pesky ‘freedom of association’ concept that is also one that is constantly espoused by the LGBT community.  And indeed, while I don’t agree with the practice of homosexual relationships, I have no right to tell gay people that they can’t chose to cohabitate with whomever they desire.  But freedom of association, just like tolerance, is a two way street.  Gays have the right to engage in relationships with those of the same gender, but that does not supersede my right as a private business to offer my services as a business to those I see fit.  It is illogical to demand the right to freedom of association on one’s own behalf and then deny that very same right to others.  There are plenty of other florists, bakeries, and photographers who would likely be more than happy to offer their services for those who chose to culminate their union with a ceremony.

The headline that Phil Robertson was fired for making ‘anti-gay’ comments could just as easily have been written as ”‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Suspended Indefinitely for Pro-Christian remarks.”  I chose Vanity’s website  for the reference of the article not only for the story, but also for the content that is displayed alongside the article.  At the time of this writing the Number Four most popular article on this site was a film review for ‘Nymphomaniac.’  I admit no prior knowledge of this film, and I have no desire to delve into it. I mention it only to highlight our culture’s acceptance of debauchery of many forms.

The religious view that participation in sexual behavior is one that is to be revered as sacred between a man and a woman is one that seems to be fading, but that shouldn’t go out without a fight. Sex is something that should be held as sacred between a man and a woman that unites them, that is the culmination of their commitment to each other, and that is the means of creating future generations of humanity.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with this, you have no right to preempt my right to believe it and to conduct my life and/or my business according to such a belief.  It is my hope that A&E will face a backlash of such a proportion that they will have killed the proverbial goose that lays the golden egg.  Duck Dynasty is the highest rated cable television show ever.  It is my hope that, once their contract with A&E has expired, that they will take their television show to another network that supports the religious rights of those in their shows.


I recommend taking a moment to let A&E know your thoughts, whether you approve or disapprove, let your voice be heard:



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