Eric’s CrossFit Adventure – Day 0

Tomorrow morning, I am hoping to begin a journey in CrossFit.  I know for many, this will raise either inspiration or ire.  If it’s inspiring great, if it raises your ire, you’re welcome to stop reading now.  I wanted to take just a couple minutes to write down my reasons for wanting to begin this adventure and the results I hope to see from doing it.

Being in my early 30s, I have become quite acquainted with ‘the battle of the bulge.’  I was at my heaviest in early/mid-2010 at 240 pounds.  For a 5’11” guy with my slender frame, that was on the porky side.  I’ve always carried my extra weight right in the middle.  It was coming up on spring that year and I was trying on some fishing waders.  I managed to squeeze into them, but it was extremely uncomfortable.  These were waders I fit into only the summer before.  I started exercising, eating better, and the weight was literally falling off.  Each week brought a decrease in weight and this served to fuel my motivation to keep doing what I was doing.  In about 5 months, I lost 40 pounds and dropped below the 200 pound mark.  I was pretty stoked.  Unfortunately, winter came and my primary means of losing weight and keeping it off was gone.  I was doing a lot of hiking and a little bit of home working out.

Since then the weight has crept back up and I have been back and forth between 220 and 210.  I am tired of the fluctuation and finally want to get into the shape I want to be in so I can have the kinds of adventures I want to have throughout my 30s and the rest of my life.

With all the hiking and a recent venture into cycling, my lower body strength has been pretty well served but I want to build some upper body strength as well.  I want to build my girly arms into manly arms, or at least get a more defined lean look to my physique.

I want to build discipline and commitment to the sport of fitness.

Now here are some of the concrete goals I want to realize:

  • A body fat percentage of 15%.
  • Be able to bench press my body weight.
  • Be able to deadlift 2x my body weight.
  • 100 consecutive pushups.
  • 10 dead-hang pull-ups.
  • Run a 30 minute 5K.

Since I’ve heard that the workout is only about 20% of the weight-loss equation, I am also going to go for the Paleo Challenge that is extended by Steve Kamb over on  This means no processed sugars, bread, pasta, or rice for the next 30 days.  It means that my meals will consist primarily of veggies, with a good source of protein thrown in for good measure.  I hit the grocery store tonight on my way home from work and have already thrown together my egg scramble sans sausage as it adds a little more to the calorie count than I currently want.  I’ve also got the mix for my chicken soup in my crockpot so that all I have to do is take it out of the fridge and turn it on tomorrow morning and dinner will be virtually done when I get home.  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow night.

Until tomorrow, good night, blogosphere!


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