Eric’s CrossFit Adventure – Day 1 – Puked My Guts Out

This almost always happens.  Or at least it has for the last couple of years.  I get into a pretty good routine, workout hard, enjoy seeing some progress. Suddenly either something gets in the way like illness or other time commitments or I just plain lose my motivation and I stop working out.  That’s okay.  It’s not failure if you try again.  Unfortunately, these ‘try again’ moments frequently come after a good period of time of serious inactivity.  My body protests my reanimation with a nice display of digestive pyrotechnics.

It wasn’t like the workout was even that hard.  It was only the fact that my body is weak.  Fortunately, I only had some water in my stomach, so it wasn’t like I lost a meal. Though I recently read that puking can be a result of low blood sugar, so I’m going to start having some small snack before I head to my workout.  Just to get something in the blood stream so this puking thing doesn’t become a habit.

Now you know the end of the story, less talk about the beginning.  An important element of health and fitness lies in good sleep.  Getting adequate sleep is never something I have struggled with – on the contrary, I might sleep too easily.  I have problems with low energy levels and depression, but working out usually helps in both these areas, so these are a couple of other factors that have played into my decision.  I got to bed around 9:30 and woke up a bit after 5.  I didn’t need my alarm, I was excited to get up and get ready to go work out.

Packed, and dressed, I headed out the door to the gym.  I arrived shortly after 6 and met Brad, who is the owner of the box I went to.  We took care of the legal stuff and then got started.

I got warmed up with some simple shoulder, leg, and hip work and then spent 8 minutes on an Airdyne bicycle.  Brad and I talked about my goals that I outlined in my last post and we got to work.

He got me reintroduced to push-ups, sit-ups, and squats (heaven knows I had plenty of exposure to those doing Insanity) and also got me familiar with ring rows since my upper body strength is sadly lacking.  Once familiar with the movements, I did an interval of 2 sets of 10 reps of each of the movements except for the sit-ups, which he wanted 20 of.  I got through the first round just fine, though I wish I would have kept track of the time.  The second round, I was probably a bit higher on the ring rows than I needed to be, so I’ll have to make sure I make a note of that next time around.  Had to modify the last several pushups.  Took some good rests during the sit ups.

This is when the nausea made itself apparent.  When it comes to puking, I’d almost rather just get it over and done with than try to fight it.  But, I managed to settle things down, but by this time the next class was coming in, so that’s where we wrapped things up.  My homework assignment was to drink 72 ounces of water throughout the rest of the day and come back tomorrow to work on more rowing (working on strengthening my back to be able to do those pull-ups).

I had class immediately following, so I got up to campus and started walking to class, and that’s when my stomach decided to evacuate itself.  A good couple of heaves later had me sitting on the ground grateful that it was a cool morning.  Like I said, I’d rather puke and get it over with, and while I still kind of have the post-workout shakes in my arms, I feel pretty good.


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