Just Keep Rowing – Eric’s CrossFit Adventure – Day 2

Waking up this morning and rolling out of bed after making your body do things it doesn’t normally do is always a pleasurable experience, even more so as you start to get a little older than the average teenager or eraly-20-year-old who can bounce back after a new workout as if nothing happened.  I can’t say I am extremely sore, but I could certain feel it in my abs, my shoulders, and upper back.

Today’s workout consisted of 6 500 meter intervals on a rowing machine. I remember watching contestants on the Biggest Loser work the rowing machines and never thought it looked particularly difficult.  Extend your legs, lean back, pull the bar to your sternum.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Nope.  It is not that easy.  At least not when you’re an out of shape fatty as I am.  Walking out of today’s workout had my arms feeling nice and noodle like and feeling strained in my legs as well.  But the good news is that I still walked out of the gym feeling like I’d done a good workout without any of the nausea that I had to deal with yesterday.

Thus ends my two-day free trial of CrossFit.  I completely see myself continuing on and doing well with this program, and I’d like to take a  moment to outlines the reasons.

1)      I realize that many find the high cost of CrossFit to be somewhat prohibitive to participation.  I can somewhat understand this line of thinking, but when you look at what you get with CrossFit that you don’t’ get at a conventional gym, I think the cost is actually rather reasonable.  With a traditional gym, you pay your fee, you go in and have virtually no direction whatsoever as to what to do.  Sure some gyms offer a free training session or two in order to incentivize you to join, but beyond that, you don’t really get much one-on-one instruction without paying anything more than the membership fee.

2)      CrossFit focuses on strength, speed, and endurance by applying functional movement.  There are no weight machines or treadmills.  This means that when you lift weight, you aren’t isolating any muscles as you would with weight machines.  When you do a movement, you incorporate the primary and ancillary muscle groups required to prevent injury.  This translates into being able to do real movements like picking something up off the floor, wrestling with your brother, or climbing a mountain with a minimized chance of injury due to muscle imbalance.

CrossFit workouts are varied by design to not let you get into a routine and thus stagnate in your progression.  And each time you do a workout, the goal is to do more reps, do them faster, or to be able to move a higher amount of weight.  No matter how strong you are, the goal is to get a little stronger, a little faster, or to be able to do it longer.

3)      CrossFit gives you one-on-one programming and helps you define the reasons you’re at the gym and offers you a coach to make sure you’re doing things the right way. Weight loss is typically a simple battle of calories in vs calories out, but physical fitness is a bit more than that.  Rather than guessing on a routine that will make you stronger, CrossFit offers the chance to work with a coach who knows how to set up a regimen that will lead to success.  You don’t go to the gym and work on areas where you’re already strong, you go in and find your weaknesses and work on getting stronger with a coach to guide you along the way.

So, those are my primary three reasons to stick with CrossFit and go forward.


I actually meant to post this yesterday, but my schedule didn’t quite allow for it.  I will be taking a break from CrossFit today and throughout the weekend and will be going back on Monday.  In the mean time, Peace!


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