Thoughts from the First Presidential Debate of 2016

So this is just a rough outline of my thoughts during the presidential debate tonight.  Just bread and circuses as far as I’m concerned:

  • What is Clinton going to do encourage more women to choose higher paying career fields in order to close the “wage gap?”
  • Lots of Trump’s companies are based on foreign workers, what is he going to do to encourage jobs to remain in the US, when we have one of the highest corporate tax rates. What incentives can there be to make it less appealing to leave the US?
    • Lowering corporate tax rate to 15% – Trump
    • Clinton touted the “Middle Class” but isn’t giving anything specific on how to do improve its condition.
    • Trump does have a point that Clinton has been a part of the Washington machine for a long time and hasn’t done much to improve the situation that we are currently in.
    • The housing bubble was created by politicians, of which Clinton was one and her husband signed the legislation behind it into law.
    • Let’s not say anything about the fact that Obama has blown up the national debt, has the lowest labor force participation rate in 30 years, and more people on welfare than ever.
    • So Clinton is going to create another bureaucrat “trade czar?”
    • I thought the audience was supposed to remain silent so we could focus on the debate. During the NAFTA argument.
    • Clinton selling books instead of articulating her plan in a public forum where she has the opportunity to propose actual specifics.
    • What do Trump’s business partners think of reducing regulations that favor large corporations?
    • Hillary’s fact checker web site surely wouldn’t say that her plan is bull shit if it was, would they?
    • So the wealthy have made the gains, but the economy is better than ever? Only for those wealthy of whom she is a part.
  • Tax cuts vs tax increases for the wealthy.
    • If the wealthy have done so well, then why is labor force participation so low? Investors have still been largely skeptical about investing in American jobs.
    • Bush wasn’t blamed for everything with the economy by the Obama admin, was he?
    • Trump should respect the rules of the debate; he’s interrupting a lot.
    • Clinton – Making college debt free involves massive taxes on the entire economy. There is no free lunch. Are the universities going to offer free educations? Nope!
    • How many conflicts of interest were there in Clinton’s foundation that were donated to by Eastern nations?
    • Trump – Is that trade deficit figure ($800 billion) accurate? If so, it’s true that the negotiators of trade deals have screwed up royally.
    • I don’t care who releases their tax returns. It’s a straw man and there are greater issues on the table. What difference, at this point, does it make?
    • Paying more taxes doesn’t build the country, businesses build the country. More people making more money and keeping more of it would build it faster than funneling it to bureaucrats who line their own pockets.
    • I thought most businesses fail and most business owners fail many times before they succeed. Six bankruptcies for all of Trump’s real estate is a remarkably small number compared to the number of successes he’s had.
  • America’s direction
    • Race relations – More African Americans are shot by African Americans than by police.
    • How to heal the divide?
      • Restore trust between police and communities
      • Better trained police
      • Everyone should respect the law.
    • Clinton’s criminal justice reform?
      • Gun epidemic – Anti Second amendment
      • Trump – Stop and Frisk – Anti Fourth Amendment
      • Bottom Line – Freedoms stripped either way.
      • Trump – Felons can’t reform? They’re bad people simply by making bad choices. How is law an order to be carried out?
      • Is Clinton ignoring the problems that do exist in minority communities? Yes, they have remarkable strength, but a lot of violent crime is still committed in minority communities.
      • Decrease mandatory minimum sentences, for-profit prison reduction.
      • Clinton – What is common sense gun safety? Terrorist watch list is anti-fourth amendment and circumvents due process.
      • Clinton – We’re all racist.
    • Birther question – non-issue. Obama is on his way out. Let’s move past it.
  • Securing America
    • Clinton talking about cyber security is kind of a joke. Russia – 1984 called, they want their foreign policy back.
    • So Clinton is pro-war if Russia continues it’s hacking of American public and private sectors? A lot of attacks come from China if I understand anything about hacking activity in the world.
    • I don’t care about your endorsements, Trump. Tell me your plan on how to protect Americans.
    • Hillary has supposedly put forth a lot of plans, but isn’t naming the specifics of any of them. How much money and arms have we donated to these conflicts in Iraq, Syria, etc.? We created a problem, funded it, and used it as a means of swaying domestic policy.
    • Trump – Bush created the vacuum, Obama has propagated it (Arab Spring). Why don’t we pull foreign trade of oil so that we don’t fund ISIS?
    • Clinton voted for the action in Iraq and Syria.
    • Clinton, who supported the war, sits back with a smug grin on her face while Trump is put on the defensive by the moderator.
    • Dealing with hypotheticals on what Trump would have done regarding Iran is no big deal; need to put forth what we need to do to address current and future threats.
    • Why must America lead the world in policing the world? Why can’t we allow other countries the chance to stand on their own?
    • Never addressed the issue of domestic threats, which I found intruiging.
  • Clinton doesn’t have the look/stamina
    • Painting Trump as a sexist
    • Audience interrupts again.
    • Does anyone remember Clinton calling Bill’s sexual assault victims, “Bimbos?”
    • Trump did say she doesn’t have a presidential look. Google it!
    • Racism and sexism are small issues compared to other issues like the economy and foreign policy.
  • Will you respect the outcome?
    • Really? Do they have a choice?  We’ve been given a horrible choice.  Neither candidate would be a good one for this country.  Neither has the temperament, the integrity, or the connection to the everyday American that would be hoped for in a candidate for President of the United States.




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